New group member Javier Hernandez-Rueda

Javier Hernandez-Rueda has just joined Kuiper’s group within the Quantum Nanoscience department as a Postdoctoral researcher. He carried out his PhD at the Optics Institute in Madrid within the GPL and worked as a postdoc scholar at the University of California Davis in Denise Krol’s group, both dedicated to study the ultrafast dynamics of the interaction of fs-laser pulses with dielectrics and its impact on laser materials processing. Afterwards, he was awarded a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship to study the transient scattering properties of levitating gold nanoparticles upon irradiation with ultrashort laser pulses. This research was conducted at Dries van Oosten’s group at the Universiteit Utrecht. Currently, he aims to study the nonlinear optical response of nanostructured materials by using a four wave mixing layout.

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