Lorenzo De Angelis

Since November 2015 I am a PhD candidate @ Kuiperslab. Earlier I studied physics in the beautiful city of Rome, where I obtained both my bachelor and master degrees from Sapienza University. I think it’s enough for now, bu if you want to know more about me feel free to click on my personal webpage.

As a fresh PhD student wFiguur 1[1]. Kompasnaald voor licht - Copy.pngith an experimental background I took my first steps in the group by learning the fundamentals of near-field microscopy, technique widely used in the group. Thereafter, I exploited such powerful tool that allows subwavelngth mapping of optical fields to study entities that more subwavelngth they can’t be. Optical singularities are indeed points in optical fields, zero dimensional entities where some quantity of the field itself is not defined.


TE_y_189_amp_cut.pngBeing able to visualize experimentally such singular entities, I started to study them in a system that really attracted my interest: a chaotic system of optical waves that interfere randomly. Not only plenty of singularities arise in such a system, but they show very peculiar collective behavior, which for example we characterized by studying their spatial distribution.


We have openings for master projects which are closely related to these studies. If you are interested or you just want to know more don’t hesitate to contact me (l.deangelis [at] tudelft.nl) or drop by my office (room D 110).